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In July 2013, Project Misik continues! 

Zili has made three trips to Haiti to deliver musical instruments, and has relationships with two schools in Haiti, one in Mirebalais and one in Petionville.  Zili plans to come back to Haiti at the end of 2013 to give workshops to the students at these schools.  If you have a musical instrument you'd like to donate (especially guitars and drums!), please send an email!


Look below for a description of Project Misik! 

It is February 2012, more than two years after the destruction of the earthquake hit Haiti.  Haiti is still recovering very slowly.  Zili Misik has made one trip to Mirebalais, Haiti, and plans another in March 2012.  We are still collecting instruments and funds to help Gawou Ginou in their long term projects in Haiti.  If you have a musical instrument to donate, or would like to donate to Gawou Ginou Foundation directly, please follow the links -- or send us an email!  Thank you!

Below is the description of Project Misik, which we initiated in March 2010

For Immediate Release:

March 20, 2010

Contact: Kera M. Washington, Zili Misik, 617.821.6577


More Information:,,

“Project Misik, Haiti 2010:

Zili Misik Seeks Donations of Musical Instruments

for Summer Workshops at Haitian School

Zili Misik, Boston-based, 8 piece, all-female world music ensemble, is seeking donations of musical instruments to take to the children of C-CLAK School, founded by the Gawou Ginou Foundation,, near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  The donated instruments will be personally transported by Zili in August to Mirebalais, Haiti, 20 miles outside of Port-au-Prince, where thousands have immigrated after the earthquake’s destruction of schools and homes in the capital city.  The instruments will be used in the transnational “School of Misik” to  conduct musical workshops with more than 200 students at C-CLAK, and left for permanent use thereafter. Wellesley College, alma mater of Zili founder, Kera M. Washington, is sponsoring Project Misik by providing temporary housing for the instruments before their journey to Haiti.

The members of Zili Misik, graduates of the Berklee College of Music and the Music Departments of Wellesley College and Northeastern University,  will accept instruments of any type for Project Misik.  The eight members of Zili play instruments of every family and are committed to instrument repair, as necessary.  Already Zili has received saxophones, flutes, recorders, and an accordion (which will be put to great use, as it is also used in the traditional music of Haiti).

Tax-deductible instrument donation may be made by contacting Zili Misik through their website, Instruments also may be brought to the Jewett Arts Center at Wellesley College during two benefit concerts planned for Gawou Ginou Foundation, April 29th, and May 1st, These concerts will feature pioneers of Haitian folkloric music and dance and will highlight the 20 years of Haitian arts celebrated by Wellesley’s student ensemble, Yanvalou Drum and Dance Ensemble, co-founded by Professor emeritus Gerdès Fleurant, and current Director, Kera Washington.

Professor Fleurant stresses the need for projects like Project Misik:  “We are (therefore) convinced that, beyond our immediate intervention to save lives, heal the physical and psychological wounds, and bury the dead, we must plan for a long campaign of civic, universal, and cultural literacy. This is one of the surest ways to usher Haiti out of its morass, and to enable the country to respond to the needs of its people."